Storytellers engage our minds; provoke, inspire, and ultimately they connect us.” – Robert Redford.

MOST PEOPLE HAVE A STORY TO TELL  It has never been easier to write a novel, a fascinating or stimulating life story. All you need is a the commitment to write, your laptop and a professional writer (ghost) to help you. You are not alone; 60% of books are ghost-written. We can if you wish publish your story on Amazon-Kindle for just £150 or €150. Your book will earn you between 10 and 70 per-cent of its cover price; you decide.

WHY WRITE? Writing is a profession, a business, hobby or lifestyle. Writers earn money from their books. Writing is therapeutic and earns respect. Your story is your gift to your family; an heirloom or perhaps family history.

WHAT READERS WANT Interesting life stories, fiction, there is insatiable demand for true or fictional romance and erotica. Interesting memoirs, travel and adventure. If your career has been interesting then it will interest readers, especially those who share your career. Example; entertainment, police, the services, healthcare, travel or other interesting jobs.


Many successful writers invite family or friends to help towards ghost-writer fees. This will make it a family affair or joint business venture. It will give you the time and space for setting out your story. 

GHOST-WRITING is the term used for editing and re-writing poorly written copy. In a business sense this skill is known as editing or copy writing. 

 Michael Walsh is a professional writer with an international client base.

A published author, he enjoys an excellent reputation. Whatever your needs, Michael Walsh can help.



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